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COVID has become the worst pandemic humanity has ever witnessed and has been breathing down our throat for months now. Face Masks have become part of everyday life; many fashion brands believe logo mask is the new tie! Companies have started adopting the idea to provide washable and reusable face masks to employees instead of synthetic plastic masks.


The masks broadly available in the market, N95, KN95, etc. are made up of fine plastic primarily, they call it non-woven fabric. While it helps in keeping pollutants and aerosol away, it comes at a cost. The same plastic, that keeps the pollutants out, prevents CO2 from escaping when you exhale. The result is shortness of breath, irritation, headaches, that is why most people don’t like wearing a mask at all.  These side effects increase the discomfort in an already stressful situation. There have been cases reported where people passed out, and in extreme cases passed away due to prolonged use of a synthetic mask. Read Article by NY Post.

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Unlike the non-woven fabric used in synthetic masks, we use organic fabrics like cotton, jute, etc. to manufacture masks. One may ask do these masks save me from infections.  Well, if you are wearing a single layer of cotton, then no, they don’t. However, we have perfected a manufacturing process in which we use 4 layers of fabric, cotton, activated carbon filter, and then soft cotton, for best protection and comfort.


Our masks are made of 4 layers, top layer of cotton, middle 2 layers of the activated carbon filter, and inner layer of soft cotton. The top layer provides the outer look of the mask and can be customized. We can put designs, logos, cartoon characters, your name, anything on it. Middle 2 layers of activated carbon filter prevent pollutants, aerosol, and other harmful elements and keep you from inhaling it. The inner soft cotton layer gives a gentle yet firm hug to your face contours and sits perfectly. Browse Designs.


Well, the concept is the same, we customize the top layer of cotton to match the company color and put the company logo on it, simple. What’s interesting is how these masks do much more than just prevent infection. Our survey proved that employees feel safe and proud wearing a face mask with their company’s logo on it. It is a sense of pride as they see the company is taking care of them and hence tend to put their best foot forward.

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Clearly, the logo mask is the new tie, ensuring uniformity and inspiring professionalism. Customers feel safe dealing with a person wearing a logo mask as it represents the effort company has put in to prevent the spread of the virus. Customers tend to make repeat purchases from the store with the employee wearing logo masks. And it’s a great branding opportunity as every employee is wearing logo masks.

The big boys like Bellagio are the first to adopt this idea and have started using logo masks not only for their employees, but for their customers as well. The masks we manufacture are washable and reusable, hence people don’t have to throw them out every now and then. Being 100% organic, they are also biodegradable and hence do not add to the landfill of plastic waste that is already filling up everywhere.


If life hands you lemons, make lemonade! Right now, the world is at war with the virus, and there is a lot of chaos around it. Finding hope and boosting morale is more important than ever. We believe that putting a design or a logo on that mask makes the whole experience a little less irritating. Every step taken to beat the virus, to stop the spread, and do so while wearing a smile, is a win for humanity.

Send us your company logo, or your design at creative@stylermask.com and get a free design sample.

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